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Faculty Directory » Randy Howe

Communications Media

Office Hours:

Semester: Spring 2018


Office Information:

Room Number: Conlon 321
Phone: 978-665-3544

Courses Taught:

Message Design (COMM 1120)
Introduction to Communication & Media Studies (COMM 1105)
Interactive Media Project Design (COMM 3304)
Information Design (COMM 4209)


Ed.D. Educational Media and Technology, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Boston University School of Education, Boston, MA

M.S. Communications Media Management, Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg MA

B.S. Communications Media, Fitchburg State College Fitchburg MA

Research Interests:

Dr. Howe is a professor who has been with the college since 1998. A former graphic designer, researcher and management consultant for several firms, Dr. Howe's research interests include creativity and visual communication with a focus on print and interactive media. Professional interests include instructional design, media and technology, information design, semiotics, educational technology and advertising.

Current Projects:

Dr. Howe is a full professor in the department. Last year he spoke at the Department Chairperson's Conference on the topic of “Mapping Technology’s Impact on a Professional Program Chair’s Workload.” He also spoke at the International Visual Literacy Association conference on the “Building Useful Dashboards—What Media Theories Tell Us About The Design of Information Decision Systems.” His current work focuses on visual literacy and information design topics.

Representative Publications:

Howe, R. P. (2009). Revisiting Dondis’ false dichotomy of fine and applied art. In (Eds.), Engaging Creativity and Critical Thinking (pp.105-115). Loretto, PA: International Visual Literacy Association.

Howe, R. P. (2006). Ethical perspectives in digital image plagiarism. In Griffen, R. E., (Eds.), Imagery and Artistry: Animating the Mind’s Eye (pp. 105-114). Loretto, PA: International Visual Literacy Association.

Howe, R.P. (2004). Assessing creativity in the visual arts. In Griffin, R.E., J. Lee, & S. Chandler (eds.), Changing Tides (pp. 133-139). Loretto, PA: International Visual Literacy Association.

Professional Affiliations:

International Visual Literacy Association