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Faculty Directory » Mary Ann Barbato


Office Hours:

Semester: Spring 2018
Tuesday and Thursday 12:30p.m. - 1:30p.m. and Friday 12:00p.m. - 1:00p.m.

Office Information:

Room Number: Edgerly 310A
Phone: 978-665-3211

Courses Taught:

Basic Math (MATH 0100, MATH 0200)
Precalculus (MATH 1300)
Informal Math Modeling (MATH 1600)
Discrete Math (MATH 1900)
Business Calculus (MATH 2200)
Calculus I, II and III (MATH 2300, MATH 2400)
Linear Algebra (MATH 2600)
Math Seminar (MATH 3900)
Abstract Algebra (MATH 4300)
PreK-12 Math Educators
Math Across the Curriculum
Graph Theory


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Rhode Island, 2001

Research Interests:

Mathematics Education
Graph Theory

Representative Publications:

K_(1,3)-subdivision Tolerance Representations of Cycles, The Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications, Vol. 65, May 2012 (co-authored with Nancy Eaton, University of Rhode Island Mathematics Department)

Professional Affiliations:

The Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)