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Faculty Directory » Eric Budd

Economics, History, and Political Science

Office Hours:

Semester: Spring 2018
Dr. Budd is on sabbatical this semester. If you need assistance, please contact the Administrative Assistant, Carla McGrath at or 978-665-3397.
The acting chair is Dr. Benjamin Lieberman,

Office Information:

Room Number: 101B
Phone: 978-665-3732

Courses Taught:

IDIS 1500 Introduction to Peace Studies
IDIS / POLS Global Issues
IDIS 2100 Dilemmas of Peace and War
LEAD 1250 The Changing World: 20th Century 
POLS 2200 Contemporary International Relations 
POLS 2500 Political Systems of the Modern World 
POLS 3700 Asian Politics & Culture 
POLS 3800 Third World Politics, Economics, and Society 
POLS 4000 Senior Seminar in Political Science 


BA Brandeis University
MA University of Chicago
PhD University of Chicago
Professor, Political Science, 1994