Honors Program (formerly The Leadership Academy Honors Program)

The Fitchburg State University Honors Program offers talented and highly qualified entering students a rewarding and innovative integrated program of study. The Honors Program is a complete honors curriculum, replacing the LA&S (Liberal Arts & Sciences) or general education requirements for Honors students. The Honors Program is available for all academic majors and coordinated with all programs.

The Fitchburg State University Honors Program is open to entering first-year and transfer students. A Minor in the Fitchburg State University Honors Program is also available for students currently attending Fitchburg State. Challenging interdisciplinary courses emphasize proficiency in writing and research, analytical skills, teamwork, and delivering presentations. Seminars provide students with direct experience in service learning and in the arts. Entering Honors students take courses with other Honors students as part of an Honors freshman foundation year. The Honors freshmen foundation year includes courses that focus on developing skills in critical thinking. As sophomores and juniors, Honors students take an average of one honors seminar per semester. Honors students complete their honors work with a two semester honors thesis in an area of their own choosing. Honors projects can take many forms, including films and art installations as well as more traditional research theses. Recent projects have focused on a wide range of topics including the productions of Short Films and Screenplays, as well as the study of New England Architecture, Finnish culture in Fitchburg, Dance Therapy, Pre-diabetes, and Strategic Leveraging at Fidelity Investments.

Outside of class, students take part in campus and other extra-curricular activities to experience a rich cultural environment and develop community awareness.

To remain in the Honors Program, students must have a yearly GPA of at least 3.3.

Benefits of the Fitchburg State Honors Program

  • Unique, innovative curriculum and courses with other honors students
  • Small class sizes and close interaction with professors
  • A Fitchburg State University Honors scholarship ($2,000)
  • Opportunities to attend cultural events and activities
  • Early class registration privileges
  • Recognition at graduation as a Massachusetts Commonwealth Honors Scholar


The campus maintains the Honors Common, a meeting area which can be utilized by honors students for studying, socializing, or group-work. The campus includes a state-of-the-art fiber optic system that provides each classroom, lab, and residence hall with access to the Internet, advanced phone service, and cable television. Media classrooms located around the campus allow faculty to present materials using state-of-the-art technology. In addition to the computer labs available on campus, a bank of computers in the Commuter Café gives us our own campus cyber café. These facilities, coupled with the dynamic and energetic teaching available from the faculty, provide the necessary resources for an exceptional education.

Curriculum for Fitchburg State University Honors Program

The Fitchburg State University Honors curriculum creates a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in the first year and builds on the base in each of the succeeding years:

First Year Curriculum

  • HON 1005 - Introduction to Personal and Social Contexts for Human Behavior
  • HON 1020 - Current Events and Service Learning
  • HON 1050 - Honors English I
  • HON 1070 - Mozart to Modernism
  • HON 1151 - Experiential Approaches to Wellness
  • HON 1200 - Honors English II
  • HON 1600 - Biological Issues and Inquiry

Sophomore and Junior Honors Seminars (may be taken in any order)

  • HON 2100 - Honors Seminar in Literature
  • HON 2150 - Honors Seminar in Humanities: Contemporary Issues
  • HON 2225 - Honors Seminar in History
  • HON 2250 - Honors Seminar in Earth Science

Honors Thesis

  • HON 4990 - Honors Thesis Research
  • HON 4991 - Honors Thesis Writing

Additional Requirements

All students in the Fitchburg State University Honors Program will also demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the intermediate level. This requirement can be met through examination or coursework.

All students in the Fitchburg State University Honors Program will also complete a Math course at or above the level of Calculus for your major or Discrete Math (MATH 1900).