Medical Insurance

Massachusetts Law C.15A.s.18 requires every undergraduate student registered for 9 or more credits and every graduate student who is registered for 7 or more credits to purchase health insurance.

All students are charged for the university health insurance plan.

If you choose not to purchase the university plan, you must complete an online waiver form annually. The form can be accessed by clicking "Waive Health Insurance online" on the student accounts website. This process must be completed to avoid being charged the insurance cost on your tuition bill.

If you need more information about purchasing or waiving the student health insurance you can call the student accounts office at 978.665.4126. For questions regarding insurance coverage, contact University Health Plans at 1.800.437.6448.

The Student Health Insurance Plan of the Massachusetts State University System is a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan offered by University Health Plans. For a description of the insurance policy you can visit University Health PlanThe policy is effective from August 1 to July 31 and the cost can be found on the student health insurance page.

When seeking medical care, our new health services partner, Community Health Connections is committed to providing services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Access to the sliding fee discount program will allow for out of pocket costs to be as low as $15 for a primary care visit. If you have questions about your insurance coverage for CHC services, call 978.878.8100. CHC’s Certified Application Counselors are happy to help you and your family with your health insurance needs.