Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors are fellow students here to provide academic and social support.

In the fall semester, peer mentors attend class alongside new students enrolled in the First Year Experience seminars, offering advice, workshops, and office hours.

In the spring semester, they provide regular Academic Success Workshops to support a wide range of skills students need in order to excel in college. Peer mentors lead a variety of activities throughout the year to help fellow students learn about campus resources, participate in campus social events, and develop effective study strategies. 


Purdue OWL: Unsure of how to cite a source? Purdue OWL has a number of examples and guides for citations in APA, MLA, Chicago style, and other formats.

APA Style Blog: This website is great for citing more unusual sources (like YouTube videos and interviews) in APA style. 

Focus Booster: Time management app that tracks your time on different tasks; this is a great way to implement the Pomodoro method (study distraction-free in 25-minute blocks of time, followed by 5-minute breaks).