Travel Authorization

Obtaining Travel Authorization

  1. Determine if the potential benefits of the trip justify its time and expense after considering cost effective alternatives, such as teleconferencing.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your department's travel policies and your grants travel policies, as they may be more restrictive than the University's.
  3. Obtain appropriate departmental approval to take the trip. Approval requirements are defined at the departmental level.

Spouse/Companion Travel

The University will not reimburse travel expenses incurred by your spouse or another individual accompanying you on business.

Combining University Business Travel with Other Travel

The University will only reimburse you for the business portion of the trip if it is combined with personal vacation travel. You must provide evidence to support the business portion of the trip and the allocation of the expenses that are business related. Obtain a quote at the time of ticketing to document the incremental costs that will be treated as personal expenses and include them with your Travel Expense Voucher.

Overtime as it Relates to Travel

Refer to your particular union contract regarding compensation while traveling on university business.

Domestic Air Travel