Travel Advances

A university travel advance is an advance issued in the form of a check from the Treasurer’s Office. The timely clearing of this receivable account is the responsibility of the individual.

When are Travel Advances Provided?

Travel advances may be provided when all other methods of university travel guidelines have been exhausted. These advances are granted only under extraordinary circumstances and must be reviewed and approved by the Procurement Director and/or the Treasurer, depending upon the dollar amount of the request.

In such cases, the following must occur:

  • The traveler or the Department Head/Chair/VP must sign the Cash Advance form, which is completed by the Payment Coordinator in the Treasurer’s Office.
  • The requisition must be submitted to the Procurement Department.
  • A pro forma invoice must be provided for hotel stays if:
    • The hotel will not accept a Purchase Order
    • There is no substitute hotel in the immediate area which will accept a university Purchase Order
  • In instances where the vendor is not a hotel (i.e. theater, campground, etc.) and will not accept a university PO, and for which there is not a substitute, a pro forma invoice must also be submitted.
  • In instances of airfare, a passenger receipt/flight coupon must be submitted. The Procurement Department will work with you in the event the vendor will not accept a Purchase Order.

By signing the Cash Advance Form, you agree to return the appropriate documentation/surplus cash to closeout the Cash Advance within a week after the travel occurs.

Caution: Failure to properly account for advances will result in the suspension of a future advance privileges and/or deductions from future reimbursement requests.

Traveler’s Responsibility Agreement

In cases when a PO is issued to a Travel Agency, the traveler must sign a Responsibility Agreement for prepaid travel. This Agreement states that all original invoices and receipts will be submitted to the Treasurer’s Office upon completion of the travel.

Expense Reporting

Travel Expense Vouchers should be submitted within 30 days of the completion of each trip. If you do not file your Travel Expense Voucher within the required time after the completion of the trip, you will receive no additional university reimbursements for subsequent trips until the outstanding voucher is cleared.

At the end of each fiscal year (June 30th), your Travel Expense Voucher must be submitted within 7 days in order to comply with the University's fiscal timelines.

You should submit one Travel Expense Voucher per trip/conference expenditure. All regular travel may be combined on a single Travel Expense voucher.

Reimbursement for expenses approved after the Travel Expense Voucher Audit will be mailed to your home per Audit requirements.


All Travel Expense Vouchers must be approved by your supervisor or a supervisor’s designee who has the appropriate transaction authority, and signed on the approval line. Please note that Department chairs or their designee must approve a faculty member’s travel.

Caution: No matter who fills out and approves the form, the traveler is responsible for:

  • The form's preparation
  • Compliance with policy and grant or contract terms
  • Accuracy (e.g., no amount was requested or received from any other funding source)

Reimbursement Information

You must provide the following information to be reimbursed for expenditures:

  • Description of the purpose of the trip
  • Exact amount and date of expense
  • Copy of conference or group meeting registration documentation

Reimbursement Documentation

You must submit the following documentation along with your Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement:

  • Original air or rail passenger receipt or ticket stub which denotes amount tendered (indicating date)
  • Refund Exchange Notice (if there were any changes in tickets)
  • Original itemized hotel bill indicating zero balance due
  • Original rental car agreement indicating payment
  • Original receipts for all miscellaneous expenses
  • Quotation for airfare incremental costs incurred for personal travel, if applicable

Meals will be paid at the contractual rate unless included as part of the conference or activity

Please request a receipt for any ticketless travel.

Original bills or receipts must be submitted. Receipts, including cash register receipts, must include:

  • The name of the vendor
  • Location
  • Date
  • Dollar amount

If your Travel Expense Voucher is incorrect or incomplete, more information may be requested via telephone or email. The Voucher may be returned to your department for corrective action. This may result in a delay, non-reimbursement, or reduction of specific items

Caution: Alterations of receipts will be reported to the Vice President of Finance/Treasurer.

Unacceptable Receipts

Photocopies of receipts and restaurant tear tabs are not acceptable.

Detailed meal receipts are necessary. This is to enable the University to conform to the university and grant policies of no alcohol consumption.

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