Tips and Gratuities

Guidelines for Tips and Gratuities

Tipping a porter, bellman, chamberperson, or waitstaff should be based on the quality of service rendered. The university will reimburse reasonable gratuities. The following are suggested guidelines:

  • Airport porters: $1 per bag
  • Hotel bellmen: $1 per bag
  • Restaurant waitstaff: 15%
  • Chamberpersons: $1 per night
  • Taxi drivers: 15%

Please check local customs for appropriate tipping when traveling abroad. Some hotels and restaurants include a gratuity in the price, in which case a tip is not necessary.

Converting Foreign Currencies

When you pay directly in foreign currencies for expenses incurred you are reimbursed in United States dollars at the actual exchange rate for the travel period. Receipts such as foreign currency exchange receipts or credit card billing statements must support those expenses.

All expenses must be recorded in United States dollars with the currency conversion rate clearly noted on the Travel Expense voucher and on all supporting receipts. During a Voucher Audit, the Payment Coordinator will use the conversion rate listed on the internet to check for reasonableness.

Reimbursable Expenses