The major responsibilities each party has in connection with university travel policy are as follows:

You (The Traveler)

  • Obtain approval from your department for a trip.
  • Understand any departmental requirements, restrictions, or limits.
  • Make sure that any grant requirements (if applicable) have been met.
  • Minimize travel costs.
  • Report travel expenses by submitting a Travel Expense Voucher in a timely manner after completion of your trip. In order to expedite your reimbursement, please do not hold Travel Expense Vouchers until the end of the fiscal or calendar year.
  • Be responsible for the accuracy of all reported expenses.


  • Inform all departmental employees of applicable travel-related university policies.
  • Inform travelers of any special departments, requirements, restrictions, or limits.
  • Approve all travel in advance.
  • Be responsible for the proper approval of all travel authorizations.
  • Review, approve, and submit all Travel Expense Vouchers in a timely manner.


  • The Procurement Department will act as an advisor for travel-related issues and information.
  • The Procurement Department will reimburse the traveler once the correctly completed and approved Travel Expense Voucher is received.
  • Ensure that authorized travelers, signers, and departments are informed that they are liable for their actions.


When you take a trip on university business you will need to use one or all of the forms listed below. All of the forms are available in the Treasurers Office. Your department might also keep a supply on hand.

Travel Leave Requisition

All university travelers must complete a Travel Leave Requisition two weeks before engaging in university-approved travel, with the exception of undergraduate in-state supervision.

Travel Expense Voucher

To report travel expenses after your trip so you can be reimbursed.

Cash Advance Request Form

When arrangements through the Procurement Department have been exhausted in relation to vendors (i.e., hotels, airfare, etc.) accepting purchase orders and the traveler can demonstrate the financial need to access university funds prior to travel, a Cash Advance Request Form may be completed for review by the Treasurers Office. Please be advised that each circumstance will be reviewed on an individual basis and may require additional information.

Passports, Visas, and Inoculations

In the event that travel abroad is required by the University and you do not have a passport, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for the forms/information needed for obtaining passports, visas, and any necessary foreign travel inoculations. Your department may be able to assist you with this. Allow 4-6 weeks if the passport is a first issue.

It is the intention of the Fitchburg State University Financial Services Office that this Travel Guideline Document will serve to assist you as you travel on behalf of the University.

Please feel free to address any further questions you may have directly to the Financial Services Office staff.