Rental Vehicle

Rental Car Guidelines

When traveling by air or rail, you may rent a car when you reach your destination only if it is less expensive than other transportation modes such as taxis, airport limousines, or airport shuttles.

Note: Most car rental agencies require you to have a credit card in order to rent the vehicle. You must provide an original itemized invoice indicating payment and a zero balance due.

International Car Rentals

The insurance laws in each country are different. In some cases the only insurance company is government-owned and insurance purchase is mandatory. It is your responsibility to investigate your obligations for insurance coverage before you leave the United States.

Insurance Guidelines

The following are suggested guidelines when dealing with all car rentals:

Collision Damage Waiver

This type of insurance protects you against damages you might cause to the car. This expense is reimbursable.

Liability Insurance

This type of insurance protects you and the University against claims made by third parties, and should come with the rental vehicle. If it is not supplied, purchase only the basic liability coverage, rejecting any “additional” coverage offered to you. Basic liability coverage is a reimbursable expense.

Personal Accident Insurance

Employees are covered by Worker's Compensation. Therefore, do not purchase this type of insurance. If you do, you will not be reimbursed for this expense.

*Remember, you MUST have a Travel Leave Requisition approved and in place prior to traveling in order for the travel to be covered under Worker's Compensation.

Personal Effects Insurance

This type of insurance in not reimbursable, although you may wish to purchase it at your own expense.

Returning Rental Cars

Every reasonable effort must be made to return the rental car:

  • To the original rental city
  • Intact (i.e. no bumps, scratches or mechanical failures)
  • On time, to avoid additional hourly charges
  • With a full tank of gas

Rental Car Payment Procedures

Pay for a rental car using any of the following:

  • Personal credit card
  • Personal check
  • Purchase order (Contact the Fitchburg State Purchasing Department for further information)

Rental Car Accidents

Should a rental car accident occur, immediately contact:

  • The rental car company in accordance with the rental car company's requirements for reporting accidents
  • Local authorities, as required
  • Your personal insurance company
  • Your department administrator

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