Personal Vehicles

Personal Vehicle Usage Guidelines

You may use your personal vehicle for business travel as approved on your Travel Leave requisition. If driving to your destination is more time or cost-effective than airline or rail travels, you should drive.

Reimbursement for Personal Vehicle Usage

You will be reimbursed for business usage of personal vehicles based on the applicable contractual agreement in force at that time. You will not be reimbursed for travel expenses between your personal residence and your regular work location.

To be reimbursed for use of your personal vehicle for business, provide the following on your Travel Expense Voucher:

  • The purpose of your trip
  • The dates of travel with origination and destination
  • Beginning and ending mileage

Note: variations of up to 20% may be taken into consideration based upon standard mileage guides.

Caution: You will not be reimbursed for any repairs to your personal car, even if these costs result from business travel.

Personal Vehicle Accidents

Should an accident occur, immediately contact:

  • Your insurance company
  • The local authorities, as required
  • Your department administrator