Domestic Air Travel

Making Air Travel Reservations

  1. When you make business travel reservations, purchase the lowest possible airfare, while meeting the business needs of your trip.
  2. Request a receipt from airlines that provide ticketless travel.

Airline Class of Service

You are expected to use the lowest logical coach class airfare available. Consider the following factors for determining the lowest fare alternatives:

  • Specially negotiated fares
  • Penalty fares (super savers)
  • Saturday night stay fares (if less expensive than flying earlier)
  • Advance purchase fares
  • Connecting and one-stop flight fares
  • Promotional/convention fares

If a premium airfare is required, submit a letter of explanation to the Vice President of your Department for review and approval before proceeding with your travel arrangements.

Note: Federal regulations prohibit the charging of business class or first class air travel to federally funded grant projects.

Unused Airline Tickets

Return the ticket to the travel agency that issued the ticket to expedite the refund. Instruct the travel agent to issue the refund to the University.

If your ticket is non-refundable, notify your department and the Treasurer’s Office. The value of the non-refundable ticket should be used before the expiration date. The credit will be held in the Treasurer’s Office.

Lost or Stolen Airline Tickets

You are responsible for the value of the lost ticket. Some airlines will issue a replacement ticket at current market cost, which may be higher than the price you paid for your original ticket.

If your ticket is stolen, contact the police or airline security, as the ticket could be located and returned. A police report must be completed, which must accompany your travel reimbursement request.

Ground Transportation To and From Airports

You should use the most economical mode of transportation to and from airports and share ground transportation whenever possible.

Consider the Following Modes of Transportation

  • Public transportation (buses, subways, shared taxis)
  • Hotel and airport shuttle services

Private limousines or car services should be used only when valid business reasons preclude the use of other modes of transportation.

You are required to submit original receipts for all transactions.

Foreign Air Travel Information