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Guidance Counselors

Your role as a guidance counselor is an important one as you help your students make the important decision of where to attend college.

Admissions standards

View our admission requirements.

Fee waivers

Fee waivers can be sent to the admissions office via email at or fax at 978.665.4540

Priority deadlines

Application Type

Application Due

Freshmen Undergraduate


March 1 (Fall Semester)

November 1 (Spring Semester)

Transfer Student

April 15 (Fall Semester)

December 1 (Spring Semester)


December 1

Game Design

December 1 (for scholarship consideration)

Merit Scholarship Consideration

February 1

Summer Bridge and Institute

The Summer Bridge Program is an opportunity for students who show the potential to succeed in college, but who did not meet the university’s minimum standards for admission.

Admission to the university is contingent upon the successful completion of the Summer Bridge Program.

More information on the Summer Bridge program