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Scheduling an Appointment at the Walk-In Writing Center

1. From the Fitchburg State University website, choose the “Resources for” pull down the menu and choose “current Students”

The "Resources for" dropdown menu on the homepage, circled

2. Under the Current Students page, look for “Popular Resources” and use the “current students” pull down menu

An arrow pointing to the "Current Students" dropdown menu on the "Students" page

3. Choose “SSC Campus”

4. Login to SSC using your Fitchburg State University email address (with and your Fitchburg State email password

5. Click on the “Request Tutoring” button on the right side of the screen:

The top of the Student Home page

6. Select “Writing Tutoring” as the service:

The "Schedule Tutor Appointment" screen with "Writing tutoring" highlighted in the dropdown menu

7. Select “Writing Tutoring” again, then click “Next”:

The screen to select a location for a tutor appointment

8. Click on “Tutor Center” as the location:

"Tutor Center" as a location option in the drop down menu under "Schedule Tutor Appointment"

9. If you would like a specific tutor, choose your tutor’s name from the drop-down menu:

"What location do you prefer?" and "Which Tutor? You may select more than one" on the "Schedule Tutor Appointment" page

If you don’t have a preference, just click “Next”: your tutor will be randomly selected based on the time you would prefer.

10. A calendar will then appear and you can choose your preferred time to meet with a writing tutor:

The calendar to schedule a tutor appointment

11. Click on the time of day, select a 30-minute appointment slot and click “Next”:

The time selection menu on the calendar to schedule a tutor appointment

12. Review the appointment details and click “Confirm Appointment” to reserve this time with your tutor:

The confirmation screen to schedule a tutor appointment

You will then receive an email with the appointment details. Your tutor will receive the email as well.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as you know that you will not be able to make it; the more notice we have, the better!

  1. To cancel an appointment in SSC, click on “View my calendar”
  2. This will bring you to your schedule; tutoring appointments are in bright green
  3. Click on the appointment, then click “Cancel appointment” in the lower left side of the dialogue box

This will remove the appointment from your schedule and notify the tutor that you have cancelled the appointment. If you’re having trouble cancelling the appointment, please contact your tutor to let them know that you won’t be making the appointment.