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Learning Strategy Sessions

The study demands of a university are significant. You can maximize the return for your effort by:

  • Using strategies that match your learning style.
  • Prioritizing study time while juggling multiple responsibilities.
  • Taking effective notes that help you prepare for tests.
  • Adjusting your preparation for different types of tests.
  • Using texts and study guides to your advantage to save time.
  • Knowing your strategies to develop an understanding of the "Big Picture" concepts and retain the supporting details.
  • Knowing how to develop the critical thinking necessary to apply the content studied.

The Tutor Center's professional staff provide Learning Strategy Sessions by appointment to help you develop and tailor study strategies that work best for you. These free Learning Strategy Sessions are meant to assist you in meeting challenges and achieving your academic goals. Students are asked to bring their text, notes and syllabus to review how to implement these strategies within a course.

SQ4R method

Use the SQ4R Method to study from texts. The key to any study system is this: you remember more when you are actively involved in and understand the content. The SQ4R method is designed to keep you involved and increase your understanding of your text.

Cornell Note-taking System

Use the Cornell Note-taking System to take quality notes from lectures that will help you prepare for a test. The Cornell note-taking system, used consistently with the recommended study plan, will help you retain material, understand the course concepts, and get better grades on all types of tests.