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Ask-a-Tutor: Submit your Questions in Writing

We know it's hard for some of you to attend our online/phone tutoring sessions! Maybe your wifi is spotty sometimes, or you have to work during the day ... or maybe your questions always occur to you in the middle of the night!

Now you can submit your quick questions on our "Ask-a-Tutor" form and get a response to your Fitchburg State email account! Submit your questions in writing and someone will answer within 24 - 48 weekday hrs. (Tutors don't work on the weekends.)


(For quicker attention, make an online appointment:

Please be thorough in describing your question so your tutor can answer as directly as possible.  You will receive an answer to your question through your Fitchburg State University email account.

Tutors will not do your homework or edit your papers.  Instead they will attempt to help you be able to do the work yourself or clarify challenging concepts.