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Customer Service Guidelines

Customer Service Standards

A high standard of customer service is one of the assets that the Campus Center prides itself on. The following seven points are standards that all Campus Center employees are held to:

Pay attention to detail

In all areas of the campus center, whether it be the Information Desk, the Gameroom, the Falcon Hub, the Student Design Center or Event Services, details are very important. Attention to detail is what helps to bring our level of service to the next level. When you’re on the job, always be on the lookout for little things to improve. Don’t be afraid to straighten up some chairs while working, and remember to give out napkins with the popcorn. Taking care of guests and being attentive to the small things is what will keep our guests happy.

Always be helpful and courteous and go out of your way to help a guest

As an employee, it is your job to do as much as you can to serve the guests in our building. If you are working and someone asks you where a room is, walk them to their destination rather than simply directing them. Going out of your way to help a guest will really satisfy them with their visit to the building. Also, remember to be pleasant and friendly in all of your interactions. Your attitude, whether happy or disgruntled, reflects on the Student Development Office. Happy employees result in happy guests. Smile!

Personalize your service by greeting and serving people individually

Personal service is another aspect of good service. Get to know the guests who frequent your area. Guests will feel better about coming to the Gameroom or hanging out in the Falcon Hub if you know their name and feel comfortable chatting with them. Also, adjust your service style to suit your audience. You would interact differently with the administration of the University than you would with guests you have come to know by working in your area. Personalized service makes guests feel valued.

Demonstrate customer appreciation and invite constructive feedback

Let your guests know that you appreciate them. Thank people for coming out to play pool in the Gameroom, or remind your guests to be safe when leaving the Falcon Hub. If a guest senses that you care about them, they will be more likely to return to the Campus Center. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. After guests have purchased a ticket at the Information Desk, ask their opinion on the new services being offered there. Any feedback we receive helps us to improve our services.

Take pride in your job

Always take pride in your job. This means being on time to work and arriving in your staff shirt with a good attitude. The Campus Center is a great place to work, and you should always remember that you represent the Campus Center on and off the clock. A sense of pride about your job will help you serve guests in the way that they should be.

Create a friendly, fun, people-oriented environment by being enthusiastic and passionate about your work

As employees in the Campus Center, it is our job to create an environment that students will gravitate towards. Try to make your area as fun and student-friendly as possible. Never hesitate to come up with new ideas for your area, too. Enthusiasm and passion for your job, no matter how simple you feel it may be, will shine through whatever you are doing. Bring your personality to work and have fun with your job!

Expect snafus and be prepared to react accordingly using common sense

Let’s face it: sometimes things don’t go as planned. Especially in a facility as fast-paced as the Hammond Campus Center, things can get hectic and things can go wrong. The best thing to do in this situation is just to use common sense. If you are in the Gameroom and need change, don’t panic! Ask the manager on duty to get change from the office. Always be as calm and collected as possible when a crisis arises. If there is a true emergency, the mangers and professional staff can always be contacted.

Student Manager and Area Lead Expectations

Additionally, we have service guidelines for our Building Managers and Area Leads. Area Leads are responsible for coordinating their respective areas and are held to a higher standard of responsibility and professionalism. Area leads and Managers should follow these guidelines:

Work together as a team to create a successful area

Spend some time getting to know the employees in your area. It will make them feel good to know that they are working for someone who cares about them. Try to set aside some time in your area meetings for icebreakers and bonding exercises. Always remember names, and ask your employees how things are going in their classes or social lives. Your area team will be able to function better if people are friendly and helpful towards each other. Keeping communication open between employees is very important.

Empower your employees to make a difference

Encourage the employees in your area to come up with original ideas and fun things for guests to do. As a lead, you should encourage your Gameroom employees to come up with new ideas for tournaments, or student design workers to think of creative poster ideas. Employees will be more invested in their jobs if they are allowed to make a difference.

Maintain high expectations, but ultimately take responsibility for your area

It’s important to expect a lot from your employees. If you hold people to a high standard, they are more likely to meet your expectations and succeed in their job. As a lead, however, it is important to remember that you take responsibility for your area. If a shift is not covered or things are not going well, you must take responsibility for it. As highly as you hold your employees, it is ultimately up the lead to make sure that their area is running smoothly.

Address employee issues and mediate problems appropriately

If you are having a problem with an employee coming to work on time or following the rules you established area, it is your job to address the issue. Address the employee privately and give them a verbal warning about the problem. If the issue persists, do not hesitate to issue a written warning or talk to the professional staff or managers about how to deal with the problem. In any situation where people work together, there is bound to be conflict between employees. At times, it can be difficult to please all of your employees: no one wants to work in the game room on the last day of classes, or have to stay late every night in the Falcon Hub. As a lead, try to make decisions as fairly as possible. If you sense that there is conflict between your employees, try to mediate the problem as quickly and easily as possible.

Maintain a level of professionalism

Because the Campus Center is student run, you will be working with people your age, and more often than not, people you are friendly with. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a level of professionalism on the job because of this, but do your best to separate your friendships from your work life. Although the Campus Center has a fun and laid back environment, remember that you are on the job!

Evaluate your area’s functionality

Constantly make sure that your area is meeting the expectations set by you and the Campus Center staff. Discuss how things are running in area meetings and make improvements whenever possible. Always respond to feedback from employees and guests in your area, and consider new ways to revise a system that may not be working as it should.

Acknowledge excellence in service

When someone takes an extra shift, or visibly goes above and beyond their job responsibilities, recognize them! Have area superlatives, a kudos/all star board, or just send them a thank you note or email. Employees will feel good about being recognized and be more likely to exceed expectations in the future. Happy employees are good employees!