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TESEL - Preparing for the SEI MTEL

Links to help you study for the SEI MTEL

User generated study content for the SEI MTEL can be found on Quizlet.

Mrs. Judy Araujo, M.Ed., CAGS Reading Instructor has published a webpage all about RETELL.

Cambridge teacher, Dan Tobin blogs about his experience taking (and passing) the SEI MTEL.

Scheduling The Test

When you're ready to take the test, click here.


We are now able to offer a partial reimbursement for the SEI MTEL for TESEL Participants. To help us gather better data about the SEI MTEL and prepare candidates, we ask that you complete a short online survey. Once you have completed the survey, please send the following forms to the TESEL office:

A copy of your SEI MTEL Score report
Completed Payment Voucher (MS Excell)
Completed W-9 (PDF)