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Student Mobile Printing

Pharos Mobile PrintingMobile Printing allows you to send print jobs quickly and securely from a mobile device to a Ricoh Multi-Functional Printer. There are several methods in which you can send jobs from a mobile device. These methods are outlined below.

Student Mobile Printing Methods:

There are five ways to print from a mobile device. Once the job is sent, you will have four hours to release the document before it's purged from the Pharos lab printing system.

  1. Email - Forward an email and attachment to from your student Gmail account.
  2. Apple iOS Air Print - From any iOS enabled device you can use the native print function to print. Select the "FSUStudentPrint" from the list of available printers.
  3. Ricoh HotSpot App - Download the Ricoh "HotSpot Printing" on any iOS or Android device to print.
  4. Pharos Mobile Print Driver - For those using an Apple or Windows laptop, you may download and install the Pharos Mobile Print driver and popup to print natively from your device.
  5. Web Upload - Navigate to the Mobile Printing Website to upload documents to print.

Please note Email is the only option available to those who print off campus.

Once the job has been sent, students may release their print job at any of the following locations:

  • McKay C163 Business Lab
  • Conlon bridge between Fine Arts and Industrial Arts
  • Hammond Library (Three available)
  • Antonucci Science Center 1st Floor Lounge

Student Mobile Printing Instructions:

Student Email:

  1. Simply email your document to from your University Gmail address.
  2. You will receive an email when your document is ready to print. Typically takes under five minutes to process.
  3. Picking up your print by logging into any of the six student Ricoh MFDs across campus by swiping your OneCard. Your job will display in the queue giving you the ability to print the email and any attachments you had sent.

Please note: Can only accept widely used file formats (e.g. .jpeg, .docx, .pdf, etc.). File size limited to 20mb, per email. Paper size and duplexing options are not available. Must convert iOS native applications to PDF before emailing (e.g. Pages, Keynote, etc.). Google Docs need to be converted before they are sent to the printer as well.

Student iOS Printing:

Within some iOS applications there is a native print icon. Click on the print icon and select the "FSUStudentPrint" to send the job to one of the five Ricoh MFD's to be released.

Student Mobile App Printing:

  1. Download the free “Ricoh Hotspot” app from your device's App store.
  2. Once it’s installed, navigate to the settings page.
  3. Under the “Settings” menu, click on the “Services” and then “Add Service”.
    1. Add the following URL to the Server field:
    2. Make sure the default service is checked on and test the service. If it replies with success, move on to the next step. The full service URL should read ""
    3. Save your changes
  4. Navigate back to "User Accounts" under the "Settings" section to add your Falcon Key username and password credentials.
    1. Click "Add Account..."
    2. Enter your Falcon Key username in the "Account" field, and your password.
    3. Make this account the default user for the service you just setup, i.e.
    Navigate to your document via another app (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, iBooks, etc.)
    1. Select the “upload” or the “Open In...” icon.
    2. Select the “Ricoh HotSpot” app.
    3. Click the “Enterprise” key and select the "FSUStudentPrint" queue.
    4. Click the "Print" button. The App will give you a status of your print.

Please Note: App printing is only available on the university network. The App can only accept widely used file formats (e.g. .jpeg, .docx, .pdf, etc.). Only available where the “Open In…” function is available. Must convert iOS native applications before sending to the App (e.g. Pages, Keynote, etc.). Google Docs need to be converted before they are sent to the printer as well.

Student Pharos Mobile Print Driver:

Download the Pharos Popup software and then carefully read the posted directions on the page. Follow the installation instructions for your operating system:

Student Web Upload Printing:

  1. Navigate to Mobile Printing Website (Only available from the Fitchburg State Wi-Fi network)
  2. Login with your Falcon Key username and password.
  3. Select the "FSUStudentPrint" printer
  4. Upload the file or enter a web address and click “Continue”
  5. Select your options and click “Continue”
  6. Visit a student Ricoh MFD to release the print job.

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