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Meet Our Staff

The Fitchburg State University Technology staffs are available to assist with computing, networking, telecommunications, graphic design, bulk printing and OneCard services.

The Technology department provides service and support that enhances the University's teaching, learning, research and administrative activities. Our primary goal is to help ensure the success of our customers: the faculty, staff and students at the University.

Below is contact information for our team of highly skilled and motivated professionals.

CIO Office

Portrait of Steve Swartz
Steve Swartz

Chief Information Officer
(978) 665-4444

Portrait of Cheryl Johnston
Cheryl Johnston

Business Manager
(978) 665-4404

Information Security

Portrait of Sherry Horeanopoulos
Sherry Horeanopoulos

Information Security Officer
(978) 665-3416

Portrait of Eric Boughton
Eric Boughton

Information Security Administrator
(978) 665-3830


Portrait of Jamie Roger
Jamie Roger

Chief Technology Officer
(978) 665-3210

Portrait of Stefon Dodd
Stefan Dodd

Director of One Card and Telecommunication Services
(978) 665-3374

Portrait of Brion Keagle
Brion Keagle

Assistant Director, Information Technology
Core Services
(978) 665-3297


Portrait of Jeff Brassard
Jeff Brassard

(978) 665-4680

Portrait of Allison Bunnell
Allison Bunnell

Technology Trainer
(978) 665-3769

Portrait of Tony Chila
Tony Chila

(978) 665-4348

Empty portrait
Michael Desmarais

Technical Support Specialist
(978) 665-3470

Portrait of Julie Dunlap LePoer
Julie Dunlap LePoer

Mobile Webmaster
(978) 665-3634

Portrait of Michael Ferreira
Michael Ferreira

Senior Server Administrator
(978) 665-3037

Portrait of Rodney Gaudet
Rodney Gaudet

(978) 665-3339

Empty portrait
Kate Geyer

Banner Support Specialist
(978) 665-4803

Portrait of Ted Godin
Ted Godin

(978) 665-3039

Portrait of Denise Lucier
Denise Lucier

Help Desk Coordinator
(978) 665-4349

Portrait of Scott Maguire
Scott Maguire

Technical Support Specialist
(978) 665-3522

Portrait of Jeff Nardone
Jeff Nardone

Technical Support Specialist
(978) 665-3070

Portrait of David Niemi
David Niemi

Server Administrator
(978) 665-3382

Portrait of John Niles
John Niles

Technical Support Specialist
(978) 665-3285

Portrait of Jennie Pao
Jennie Pao

Banner Support Administrator
(978) 665-3237

Portrait of Heather Pellerin
Heather Pellerin

Web & Blackboard Administrator
(978) 665-3224

Portrait of Sherri Pittman
Sherri Pittman

Data Integration Specialist
(978) 665-4160

Portrait of Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez

Technical Support Specialist
(978) 665-3975

Portrait of Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith

Reporting Specialist
(978) 665-4578


Print Services

Portrait of Pamela Boudreau
Pamela Boudreau

Senior Graphic Designer
(978) 665-3227

Empty portrait
Michael Boivin

Print Production
(978) 665-3240

Portrait of Pat Jennings
Pat Jennings

Print Production
(978) 665-3042

Portrait of Bill Lawlor
Bill Lawlor

Print Production
(978) 665-3041

Portrait of Bonnie McCullough
Bonnie McCullough

Graphic Designer
(978) 665-3254

Portrait of Cindy Sadin
Cindy Sadin

Print Production
(978) 665-3394


Student Workers

Portrait of Rachael DeLisle
Rachael DeLisle

Portrait of Jason Dwyer
Jason Dwyer

Portrait of Selena Florival
Selena Florival

Portrait of Mike Harris
Mike Harris

Portrait of Raymond Julian
Raymond Julian

Portrait of Lara Martinez
Lara Martinez

Portrait of Todd Oliver
Todd Oliver

Portrait of Will Small
Will Small

Portrait of Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor

Portrait of Kyle White
Kyle White

Portrait of Lynese Wiafe
Lynese Wiafe


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