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Google Migration FAQs

Q: When can I start using Gmail and Calendar?

A: You'll have access to your Gmail/Calendar on Monday, November 25th. If you are able to access any earlier, you will be notified through the Fitchburg State website under News.

Q: How will I log into my Gmail and Calendar?

A: You can access Gmail and Calendar using a Chrome web browser or Android/iOS app. You'll log into your Google Account using your current email address and Falcon Key password. Visit the email page for detailed instructions.

Q: Will my email address change?

A: No. Your email address is the same.

Q: What content is being migrated?

A: All email, calendar, notes, and tasks will be migrated over to Google. This includes saved, and send emails. 

Q: Will my folders migrate?

A: Yes, all of your folders will move over. Google calls their folders "labels.”

Q: Will email rules migrate?

A: No, however they can be recreated as Gmail filters.

Q: Where can I find my Notes?

A: Notes are saved as emails in Gmail under the label Notes. You can move them to the Keep app.

Q: Will my current Calendar permissions migrate?

A: No, you will need to share your calendar.

Q: Will third party applications sync with Gmail/Calendar?

A: Current applications such as SSC, LibCal etc. will be available to integrate with your Gmail/Calendar.

Q: What is the difference between Archive and Trash?

A: Email in Trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Archived email can be searched in the All Mail label.

Q: What if I’m missing something after migration or I need help?

A: Contact the Help Desk.


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