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Blackboard Technical Requirements

In order to access Blackboard courses, students must obtain or have easy access to a computer with Internet access that meets the following hardware/software requirements. It is also recommend that students have a basic familiarity with using computers and browsing the Internet. Specific skills are listed below.


  • Familiar with using a web browser and entering URLs (web addresses).
  • Able to download files.
  • Able to complete online forms.
  • Able to search for files on local computer and upload to course site as needed in course.
  • Able to install helper applications (browser plug-ins) as needed in course.

Computer Software

  • An Internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari is required. For specific browser version requirements for your computer configuration please visit Blackboard's Browser Checker page.
  • A standard word-processing package such as Microsoft Word, or WordPad is required so you can prepare and submit homework, papers, and exams.
  • Active email account
  • Since you may be exchanging files with your Instructor or classmates, it is required that you have current antivirus software installed on your computer.
  • In addition, students may be required to use course-specific software packages. Check the course descriptions for special software requirements.


Students can purchase the required textbook(s) for each online course through the appropriate university bookstore.

Fitchburg State University Bookstore (978) 665-4026


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