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Banner Gateway

NOTE: Banner Native and Crystal Business Objects are only available on campus.

Please be aware that Banner may be unavailable during the regular IT maintenance window.

  • Monday - Saturday: 5:00am - 6:00am
  • Sunday: 5:00am - 9:00am

Internet Native Banner

Note - Banner is only available while on-campus. If you need to access Banner while at home or abroad, please open a ticket requesting remote Banner access by completing the Online Help Desk Request Form.

This is Banner live production environment (known as "PROD"). Only real data entered as part of official processes should be entered in here.

Please note that you can change your INB password at any time by using the form GUAPSWD. Passwords may not be reused and require non-repeating combinations of letters and numbers. Passwords expire every 90 days.

Self-Service Banner (aka "Web4")

This is access to Banner through self-service web pages that enable users to enter Banner data online. Students, faculty, alumni and staff have online access to various Banner functions through Self-Service Banner.

Banner Workflow

Banner Workflow is an automation engine which facilitates notifications and other actions among numerous different users and groups, all based on Banner data.

Banner Document Management (Document Imaging)

Users with proper security credentials use Banner Document Management Suite to retrieve and index scanned documents via the web.

Banner Bookshelf

The Banner Bookshelf is a full copy of the current Banner User Documentation. Since this is proprietary information, there is a page requiring your agreement to maintain the proper usage of the documentation. Links for each module and specific information for each upgrade are included in this document. Updates are added as they are received on campus for users to preview in a test instance and validate that the listed fixes are really fixed. This may be accessed by all Banner and Self-Service Banner users who have access to this page.

Banner Bookshelf is available only to employees of Fitchburg State University. If the documentation you need is not included in the Banner Bookshelf, please submit a Help Desk ticket requesting that the documentation be added.

Go to the "M" drive (located under "My Computer") and choose the folder "bdoc9x". The PDF file named Bkshlf9x.pdf contains an index of all Banner documentation.

Banner Tools

  • Banner Version Info - Displays a list of the installed modules, including the version and date, in every Banner 9 instance.

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