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Alpha Sigma Tau

Gamma Psi Chapter

Mission Statement

The purpose of Alpha Sigma Tau is to promote ethical, cultural, and social development of its members.

  • To develop the character of each member through a study of ethics so that she will show sincerity, honesty, love, and understanding in all of her relationships
  • To help each member enjoy the cultural advantages in life so that she will know how to select those things which are most worthwhile
  • To help each member develop social graces to the extent that she will be able to take her place in life with true dignity and poise


“Active, self-reliant, and trustworthy”

National Symbol

The Anchor

Chapter Symbol



White Pearl


Yellow Rose


Emerald green and gold


Pine Mountain Settlement School & RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network)

Alpha Sigma Tau is also about sisters that are connected as friends for generations. It is about women who work together to support each other, creating meaningful relationships that add value to their lives. Alpha Sigma Tau is about sharing important things. It's about sharing our Sisterhood with each other. It's about being proud of what we believe in as sisters. *Gamma Psi*

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