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Differences Between Day and GCE Charges

This information is designed to help our Day students understand the differences between the charges assessed for day classes vs. charges assessed for evening or online GCE classes and how that may impact their semester bill.

Undergraduate Day classes are assessed per credit, up to twelve (12) credits. Twelve (12) to eighteen (18) Day credits are assessed at a flat rate. In this way, full-time Day students pay the same rate when they are enrolled full-time in 12 to 18 Day credits.

Undergraduate Evening or online GCE classes are assessed per credit. There is no flat rate for full-time enrollment. In this way, full-time students pay more for every credit beyond 12 credits when any of the credits are evening or GCE courses. It is also important to note that students must pay for all evening courses at the time of registration.

Why is this?

Day courses are supported by the state. The state subsidizes the tuition cost and determines the rate that we charge. The state allows for the flat rate for full-time Day enrollment of 12-18 Day credits. Evening courses are offered through the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education. The state does not subsidize these courses and the University must charge a per credit rate in order to offer them.

How do I know if it is an Evening (GCE) course?

Evening courses start at or after 4:00 p.m. The majority of online courses are also offered through GCE. Lastly, the way to tell is by the section numbers on the courses, which range between 50-59.

Can Day students take an undergraduate Evening course?

Day students can enroll for evening or online GCE courses during any semester. Many Day students enroll in these courses during the summer and winter breaks in order to get ahead. You may also take evening or online GCE courses during the Fall and Spring semesters but it may impact your bill. It is also important to remember that payment for GCE courses are due at the time of registration. We encourage you to use the information on this page and then contact the Student Accounts Office at stuaccnts@fitchburgstate.edu if you should have any questions.

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