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At the Rec Center we see many students and we try to develop programs that appeal to many. Some programs, like group exercise and intramural sports, are well known. We hope you may have interest in some of our other programs as well.

Fitness Incentive Programs

We have a number of programs designed to reward those that have decided to make fitness a part of their lifestyle. For some, this could be a carrot that helps them get started on a new routine. For others, it might serve as a reminder of the many hours they have devoted to fitness. With each of these programs there is a long-term goal in mind that may take 3 weeks or 3 years to reach. Either way, we hope it keeps you coming back! All you need to do is let our staff member know how many miles or laps you've put in that day. Now is the time to get started!

Board Game Challenges

As many of us will remember from our childhood, board games can be just as exciting and competitive as more physical games. To us, recreation is more than just exercise. It's how we choose to spend what free time we have. We think this is a healthy, social way to spend your time. Whether you break a sweat may depend on how close your game is. Check out the calendar now! Our first challenge is Parcheesi in late September.

Educational Classes

In Recreation Services we believe in activities that lead towards a healthy balanced lifestyle long after you've graduated from college. We also realize that not everyone is itching to lift weights or play racquetball. Hopefully, you may have interest in getting together with friends to play games. Read the flyer to learn more about the dates and times we'll be teaching the campus community how to play great games like cribbage, backgammon and more.