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Jerene Simmons ‘16

Jerene Simmons '16Jerene N. Simmons of Sharon, a 2016 Fitchburg State graduate, has an entrepreneurial spirit that transcends the business administration degree she earned in May.

Currently working as a field examiner for the Lexington-based accounting firm Nardella & Taylor LLP, Simmons spends a lot of her time on the road. “I travel about 90 percent of the time to various clients all over the country,” she said. Her department performs new and recurring collateral audits for clients in the financial industry.

“My education at Fitchburg State prepared me for this position, because at Fitchburg State, nothing was out of reach,” she said. “I learned from professors that accounting has so many different directions and your accomplishments only stop when you do. I’m the only state university graduate at my firm, and I have the same opportunities. Fitchburg State taught me that in making yourself open and utilizing your resources, nothing will hold you back from the goals you set for yourself.”

Simmons credits an internship at the Worcester firm of Goulet, Salvidio & Associates with giving her the confidence to succeed in her first professional post. “As you’re about to graduate there are so many concerns about what you do after,” she said. “The internship gave me direction and helped me feel accomplished that what I studied and felt passion for was, in actuality, a great fit for me. It is one thing to study something and hope you can go out into the world and not only like it, but be good at it. After interning with GSA, I confirmed both.”

Simmons also worked in the University’s Alumni and Development Office during her Fitchburg State tenure, calling it the best choice she made during her education. “My work experience is reflected every day in my post-graduate life,” she said. “I learned how to be a business professional during the four years in that office, how to touch and connect with people of all ages and all circumstances. As an auditor I meet all kinds of people in different parts of the country, and I know better how to not only present myself but interact because of the countless fundraisers and events I worked with Alumni & Development.”

In her spare time, Simmons enjoys traveling and spending time with friends, as well as doting on her two young nephews. She plans to continue her career in forensic accounting and hopes to mentor young people about the value of pursuing a college degree.