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Fitchtography Winners

Winning Photos

While we really loved so many of the photos these were the ones that were voted to be extra special.

Contest #1 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

Landscapes & Grounds Winners

Drone Fields Snowy Miller Brick Sign
  Jack Seaman Keegan O’Donnell Shane Franzen

Campus People Winners

Falcon Fireworks Football Rain Crew
  Anthony Denham Anthony Denham Brooke Teves 
All the winners above will be getting an 11 x 14 print of their winning photos! 1st place winners will also get FSU gear.
Honorable Mentions Edgerly Quad Hammond Front Soccer goal
  Carolyn C. Buckley Carolyn C. Buckley Julie Dunlap LePoer

Be a part of Contest #2! Find out the next category challenges and dates.

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