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Information about the Math Placement Tests

Math Placement Testing - Preparation Resources

Fitchburg State University uses high school GPA and College Board/Accuplacer Placement tests to determine the placement of students into an appropriate level math course.

The Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics Placement Test (QAS) is used for placement into all entry level college level math courses except for pre-calculus/calculus. The test scores range from 200 - 300 points. A passing score is 268. More information about the QAS test (PDF).

The Advanced Algebra and Functions Placement Test (AAF) is used for placement into pre-calculus and calculus. The test scores range from 200 - 300 points. A score between 243 and 262 (inclusive) places a student into pre-calculus. A score above 262 places a student into calculus. More information about the AAF test (PDF).

Most students who are required to take a math placement test will take either the QAS or the AAF test, although some majors will require students to take the QAS test first, and then the AAF test if they pass the QAS test.

These placement tests are untimed, 20 question multiple choice tests taken on a computer. Students are not permitted to bring in a personal calculator or any other resources for these tests. A pencil and scrap paper is provided. A popup calculator within the online test will be provided for those questions that require a calculator.

Students with disabilities should contact the Disability Services office if they are in need of additional accommodations for this placement test. Disability Services can be reached by email or by phone at (978) 665-4020.