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Using Your OneCard

Vending Machines

Various snack and beverage vending machines across campus are equipped to accept payment using your OneCard. Beverage machine and snack card readers will display the cost of the highest priced item in the machine or your maximum credit. Transactions are canceled after 25 seconds or by pushing the “Cancel” button.

For vending machine refunds, please contact Chartwells Dining services in the Holmes Dining Hall, (978) 345-4865.


The open computer labs (Hammond 1st floor, Edgerly 106, 201, 202, Conlon 201, 338, 337, Bridge between Conlon and Conlon FA , and McKay C165) require all users to swipe their card at a print release station to enable printing of their documents. Students are given a $20 print copy quota at the beginning of each semester via the Papercut printing system. 

Any questions regarding printing in the open computer labs should be directed to the Library staff in the Hammond Building, Ext. 3063. Refunds can be obtained by filling out a refund form at the OneCard office, Anthony building room 118.

Laundry Machines

Laundry facilities located in Aubuchon, Russell Towers, Herlihy, Mara Village, and the Townhouses are equipped to accept payment using your OneCard. Each laundry room has a card reader. Swipe your card and select the washing machine you wish to use (all machines are numbered). If the washing machine is in use you will be prompted to select a different machine or to wait until that machine has finished its cycle. Dryers follow the same steps: the initial cycle lasts 30 minutes; you can add additional time in units of 10 minutes for $.25.

For laundry machine refunds please visit the OneCard office to fill out a refund form, Anthony Room 118.

All conditions and privileges are outlined in the OneCard agreement available at the OneCard Office or online.