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Extended Spring Semester 2019, Costa Rica with Professor Picone


Tropical Ecology of Natural and Agricultural Systems in Costa Rica (3 credits), with Professor Chris Picone (Course Syllabus)

The faculty-led course will survey the ecology of terrestrial ecosystems in Costa Rica, including rainforest, cloud forest, dry forest, and agricultural systems. Recurring themes will be similarities and connections between native ecosystems and agricultural systems. The course will meet weekly for 8 sessions before the trip, spend 10 days in Costa Rica, and have one follow-up meeting.  

Serves as an LAS elective for the SMT requirement (along with GD), and also serve as a Biology elective at the 2000 level for Biology majors and minors. Open to all majors.

To apply to this program, click here. APPLICATIONS AS OF 10/18/18 (3:40 PM) WILL BE PLACED ON A WAITLIST.

Dates: May 19, 2019 - May 29, 2019

Estimated Cost (subject to change): $2700

Includes: Housing, transportation, airfare, and most meals

Payment Schedule:

Payment #1: November 8, 2018   $150 (nonrefundable)

Payment #2: January 15, 2018     $1,225

Payment #3: February 1, 2018    $1,225



May 19th: Boston to San Jose.  Immediate departure for Guanacaste (Estación Experimental Forestal Horizontes).

May 20th: Dry forest ecology and service learning projects.  Guided night hike.

May 21st: Santa Rosa National Park.  Beach ecology at Cabuyal.

May 22nd: Coffee tour at Plaza del Café. Departure for Pocosol field station.

May 23rd: Guided rainforest hike. Guided night hike.

May 24th: Guided rainforest hike.  Tree planting & trail maintenance.

May 25th: Finca Luna Nueva: Organic agriculture and cacao tour.

May 26th: Fertinyc Pineapple farm.  Depart for Ciudad Quesada.

May 27th: Free day: Ecotourism options around Arenal to fit your budget

May 28th: Elevation gradient: hike through Juan Castro Blanco National Park. 

May 29th: Depart for Boston

Please contact the Office of International Education for more information