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Direct Enroll Agreement Programs

These programs allow you to enroll directly into the foreign university, paying tuition & fees to that university instead of Fitchburg State (you do not have to pay Fitchburg State tuition & fees while you are abroad). You will, however, be responsible for transportation, housing and a student visa.

If you would like to apply to these programs, please submit the online application. Direct enrollment programs include courses taught at foreign universities and require additional paperwork (the Preliminary Registration Approval Form, or "PRAF") for credits to transfer. See the Study Abroad Advisor for assistance with this form, and work with your Departmental Advisor and the Registrar for course approval.

Regent's University London

Giana Visconte is studying abroad this Spring 2019 at Regents University in London. She is a Criminal Justice major and is taking courses that satisfy her Literature, History, and Art requirements.