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2019 Summer, Japan with Professor Amakawa

GAME 2001 Games and Arts in Japan (GDAN, Game Design elective) 3 cr, no prerequisites

Professor: Jonathan Amakawa

Just as Fine Arts students have traditionally studied abroad in Italy or France in order to gain insight into the foundations of Western Art, a strong argument can be made that Game Design majors should similarly study abroad in Japan, a key contributor to the development of the modern Video Game Industry. This course explores contemporary arts and culture in Japan with an emphasis on the three pillars of Japan’s modern culture--video games, Anime and Manga. These contemporary art forms will be examined in the context of the country’s tradition of design, visual arts and culture in order to gain a better understanding of Japanese Game Art Aesthetics. 

You can apply to this program through this link

Program Dates (dates are approximate until plane tickets are purchased): May 25 - June 8th

Program Fees: Please note that this is an estimated budget and is subject to change.

Program Fees*

(approximate until plane tickets are purchased)


Program Fee includes*...
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Housing
  • in-country transportation
  • Medical insurance
  • Some meals
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • On-Site Director
...but does not include...
  • Some meals 
  • Spending money

Payment #1: December 14, 2019 (Deposit)

Payment #2: January 23, 2019

Final Payment: February 23, 2019




All payments are made to Student Accounts and are subject to change. Deposits will be posted to your account according to the dates above.