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Other Academic Affairs Programs and Offices

Fitchburg State University Assessment: Assess, Learn, Improve

Assessment Documentation

Admissions Office

Recruitment Plan Fall 2020
Recruitment Plan Fall 2019
Archives Folder

The Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library

Action Plan (Library) 2019-20
Annual Report (Library) 2018-19
Archives Folder

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Action Plan (CTL) - Forthcoming
Archives Folder

The Crocker Center

Action Plan (Crocker Center) 2019-20
Annual Report (Crocker Center) 2018-19
Archives Folder

First Year Experience (FYE)

Action Plan (FYE) - Forthcoming
Archives Folder

Honors Program

Action Plan (Honors Program) - Forthcoming
Annual Report (Honors Program) 2018-19
Annual Report (Honors Program) 2017-18
Reply to Site Visit - 2013
Archives Folder

Institutional Research and Planning

Action Plan (Institutional Research and Planning) 2018-19
Annual Report (Institutional Research and Planning) 2018-19
Annual Report (Institutional Research and Planning) 2017-18
Archives Folder

International Education

Action Plan (International Education) 2018-19
Annual Report (International Education) 2017-18
Accomplishments 2017-18
Archives Folder

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LA&S) Program

Action Plan (LA&S) 2018-19 - Forthcoming
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Provost's Office

Action Plan (Provost's Office) 2018-19
Annual Report (Provost's Office) 2017-18
Archives Folder

Registrar's Office

Action Plan (Registrar) 2019-20
Archives Folder

Student Success

Action Plan (Student Success) 2019-20
Annual Report (Student Success) 2018-19
Annual Report (Student Success) 2017-18
Archives Folder