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Who Do You Want to Live With?

To maximize your options in the housing selection process, you should plan on living with at least one other student.

There are three selection processes:

  1. Apartment Selection – a supplemental application requiring 6 current resident student
  2. Suite Selection – groups of 4-8 current resident students.  The vast majority of suites on campus are built for 8 people.
  3. Any Hall Selection allows for any resident student to log in looking for any type of room. You will be required to "fill a room" which means you can only select into a double room if you are linked with one other resident student. 

After the first day of any hall, and every selection time has had the opportunity to select to fill a room, all remaining spaces will open for unlinked individuals.

While we understand that there is demand for single rooms, there are not many single rooms available campus wide. Almost all campus singles are located in apartment style buildings and are not available during any hall selection.  All resident students are encouraged to link with another resident student.