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Reasons for Requesting a Roommate

The reason students request a roommate are many but what each reason is really about is peace of mind. Living with a roommate or roommates that meet your own personal criteria can offer comfort to you prior to moving to campus. Each reason comes with a set of pros and cons and ultimately it is up to you to decide if a specific student is the right roommate for you.

  • Personal Reasons - you get a good feeling about someone you've met through social media, orientation, or otherwise.
  • Habits - you have a habit or habits in common such as study style, sleep schedule, or hygienic expectations.
  • Special Interests - you have an interest in common with someone outside academics
  • Area of Study - you have the same or a similar major or concentration.
  • Athletic Team - finding a roommate with the same athletic routine, workout schedule, practices, and games may be helpful.
  • Friend from Home - someone from your community or school that you've known prior to Fitchburg State.
  • Relative - perhaps a sibling, cousin, or otherwise