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De-Triple Process for Expanded Occupants

Due to high demand for housing for the upcoming academic year, every new first year/transfer student should expect to be in an expanded occupancy room for at least the first semester.

An expanded occupancy triple is a double room with a third resident. Temporary triples and repurposed spaces such as study lounges are NOT expanded occupancy rooms.

When a bed space opens up on campus we use that space to "de-triple" these expanded occupancy rooms. This means offering the chance for one student to move out.

De-triple offers are emailed to all three residents in the room who are given 24 hours to mutually decide who is moving out.

Upon deciding who is moving out, the student then has 24 hours to relocate to their new assignment.

If students CANNOT decide who is moving out, the student with the latest housing deposit date will be moving out. This may mean that a requested roommate has to move out of a room.

De-tripled students may decide to stay "tripled." If this is the case, they will be contacted to sign a triple agreement. This agreement states that there is no financial incentive to staying tripled and if they change their minds that they want to be de-tripled they will have to wait until the de-triple process has ended.