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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

Housing & Residential Services works collaboratively with campus partners and the greater community to support the educational experience; maximizing the potential of each residential student.  The department strives to create an inclusive climate by promoting diversity awareness and understanding.  We deliver and facilitate programmatic services within a holistic approach, promoting engagement and personal development through on campus living.


  1. Develop collaborations with community & campus partners to serve the residents
  2. Create a dynamic communication structure with residents, campus partners, and those who use our services
  3. Support the residents' educational development process
  4. Support an inclusive on-campus living experience

Exterior of Herlihy Hall

Departmental Goals

  1. Further develop Residence Education Program
  2. Increase Resident Satisfaction in the area of Facilities
  3. Further develop Community Assessment Strategies
  4. Create an effective Recruitment Plan for Student Hall Staff
  5. Increase Collaboration with Campus Departments