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Meal Plans

Which Meal Plan Should I Choose?

If you are a new student and not sure of what your eating habits will be, then you may want to consider the Freedom Meal Plan for the first semester. Keep track of your eating habits during the first semester, then change meal plans for the next semester based on your usage. However, meals and dining points do not carry over to the next semester, so carefully plan the use of your dining points throughout the semester.
Please note that all students living on campus, with the exception of residents of the Townhouse Apartments, North Street Apartments, Simonds Hall and Cedar Street, are required to select a meal plan.

Meal plans for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:

Meal Plan

Essential for students who:

Cost per semester

Meals per week

Guest Passes

Dining Points

19 Meal Plan Spend most weekends on campus $1,836 19 5 $125
15 Meal Plan Occasionally travel off-campus $1,785 15 5 $100
10 Meal Plan Regularly travel off-campus $1,675 10 0 $75
5 Meal Plan Live off-campus, in University apartments, or Cedar Street House $921 5 0 $50
Commuter Meal Plan Commuter students only

$250 per semester (declining dining points).
This meal plan can be used at Holmes Dining Commons, Commuter Café, or McKay Café.

What are dining points?

Dining points are spent just like cash. They allow you to purchase a snack, beverage, or meal at any of our food facilities on campus during any time we're open. Students can add dining points at any time during the semester by simply going to the Dining Services Office.

Where do I eat?

The Holmes Dining Commons is located over North Street. Yes, the cafeteria is located above the street thereby connecting the west residential campus with the academic campus. Your dining points can also be used anytime at the Commuter Café (located in the Hammond Campus Center), Holmes Dining Commons, or McKay Campus.

What if I have a class or work conflicts with meal times?

There are three ways that allow you to get a meal if you have a conflict. The first option is the BAG IT program, which allows students to get a cold meal 'to go' for lunch or dinner by filling out a request in advance. The second option is to use dining points at the Commuter Café. The last option is Lite Lunch in Holmes from 1:30pm - 4:00pm.

Job Opportunities

There are many part-time positions available with Chartwells and in our Catering Department. Student workers have an important role in our operation, so stop by and talk to a Dining Service Manager about positions that are available.

Any questions?

You can reach us at 978.345.2551 or visit our website. Once you arrive on campus, our entire associate and management staff will be available to address any concerns or questions you may have throughout the year.