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Returner Housing Selection Linking

This may be one of the most important aspects to housing selection. You must be able to fill the space you are selecting.


An 8 person suite can only be filled by a group of 8 linked students.
There are no 3, 2, or 1-person suites, you will not be able to select if linked with 2 or fewer students.

Any Hall Selection

If you log in without being linked you will only be able to select into available single rooms. If you are unlinked and do not see any available spaces at your selection time, all singles on campus have been selected.
Should you be linked with one other student, you will only be able to select into available double rooms.

How to Link

Once linking opens, you may log in and link to one or more current resident students. Only eligible students, in good financial standing, whom are not on the graduation/walk list for May 2018,that have completed their occupancy agreement, will be able to link.


  • Log into your THD4 housing portal, in your Web4 account, and click the Roommate Selection dropdown menu
  • Select the upcoming fall semester from the term drop-down box (Fall 2018)
  • Use either Simple Roommate Search (if you know who you're looking for) or Advanced Roommate Search (if you're looking for someone new)
  • Repeat this process to request additional roommates/suitemates. You may request up to 7 suitemates (including you that makes a group of 8).
  • When all students have a thumbs-up symbol next to their name, your group will be mutually matched. Your full group will be unable to select a space together if you are not all individually linked to the entirety of the group.

IMPORTANT: All roommate requests must be mutual. If a requested student does not confirm your request, you are not linked.

Learn how to Select.