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Roommates Bill of Rights

  1. The right to read and study, free from undue interference in one’s own room (unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the exercise of this right).
  2. The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, roommates’ guests, etc.
  3. The right to expect that one’s personal belongings will be respected and used only with your permission.
  4. The right to a clean living environment.
  5. The right to free access to your room, personal space and facilities without pressure from the roommate.
  6. The right to privacy.
  7. The right to have guests who will be expected to respect the right of the host’s roommate and other residents of the floor and hall.
  8. The right to be free of fear of intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm.
  9. The right to expect reasonable cooperation in the use of “room-shared” appliances (telephone, refrigerator, etc.)
  10. The right to be free of peer pressure or ridicule regarding your personal choices.
  11. The right to live in a secure environment. Security in the residence halls depends largely on your level of cooperation. Residents have an obligation to each other to help ensure a secure living environment.
  12. The right to have individual differences respected and appreciated. Acts of intolerance directed towards an individual on the basis of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation will not be permitted in the residence halls.
  13. The right to address grievances. Housing staff is available for assistance in settling conflicts.