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Roommate Agreement

Create a list of Rules and Guidelines that all of you agree to follow.

Refer to this agreement as issues come up. Revise the agreement as you get to know each other better or when schedules change. Create a new list when a new roommate is assigned to the room.

1. Borrowing of Possessions

Discuss which items, if any, you feel comfortable sharing with your roommate(s). Respect each other’s wishes. Keep in mind that sharing food, a microwave and/or refrigerator will make things easier.

2. Noise Level

Discuss studying habits of all roommates. Try to reach an agreement on the amount of noise and when it is appropriate. Be respectful of neighbors as well. Please keep in mind the 24 Hour Courtesy Policy as stated in the Student Handbook.

3. Keeping the Room Clean

To ensure cleanliness of the room/suite area, residents should clean up after themselves. Create a cleaning schedule for all common areas.

4. Sleeping

Discuss sleeping habits of all roommates. Keep in mind which roommate goes to bed earlier in the night or which roommate gets out of bed later in the morning.

5. Guests

Residents are responsible for his or her guest(s) and their actions. Guests must abide by all policies of the residence hall and university. Discuss overnight stays and give advance notice to all roommates and suite mates (if applicable). Refer to the Student Handbook for the guest policy.

6. Security and Phone Usage

Room doors should be locked when students are not in the room and at night, when sleeping, to ensure the safety of the residents and their belongings. Suite doors should remain locked at all times. Suite doors and residence hall front doors should never be "propped" open for any reason. Make arrangements on how you want phone messages left for you.

7. Alcohol Use

Discuss if you want alcohol in your room, if you are 21 years of age or older. Residents must abide by the limits of alcohol that is permitted in a room. Try to come to an agreement about guests and their use of alcohol in your room.

8. Communication

Students comfort levels are different when it comes to communication. Discuss how you are going to approach and resolve conflict that may arise. Think about if you want to exchange cell phone numbers. You may want to consider letting your roommate know when you are going to be away from the room for several days in a row.

9. Additional Topics

Personal Space

Keep in mind that your roommate(s) needs his/her own personal space in the room.


Smoke-free residence halls prohibit smoking anywhere inside any residence hall, including students' rooms. Students who smoke must do so outside the residence hall buildings.