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Fire Safety

Fire Drill Procedures

Cooperation in following the procedures listed below may be important in saving lives if a fire or similar disaster should occur. It is the responsibility of every resident to be familiar with these procedures and observe them if an alarm sounds.

  1. Leave lights on.
  2. Wear a coat and shoes.
  3. Close and lock room door.
  4. Proceed to the designated exit point.
  5. Students not in their own rooms should follow the exit procedures for the area they are in.
  6. Assemble outside in the place assigned to the area.

Firefighter's helmet with "fire safety" written on it

Students who fail to vacate the building during a fire alarm are subject to disciplinary action.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire alarm systems and fire safety equipment are provided for the protection of the residents. The fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarm horns, pull stations and emergency exit signs are critical safety equipment. Tampering with fire safety equipment can result in criminal prosecution, disciplinary action and/or contract termination. Where fire sprinklers exist all sprinkler heads must remain free of obstructions to allow it to operate properly. Nothing may be attached or placed against any part of the sprinkler system or piping.

All fire alarm systems are directly connected to the Fitchburg Fire Department for immediate reporting.

Fitchburg State University residence halls are required to hold a fire drill each semester and all occupants of the building are required to participate. Failure to participate can result in disciplinary action.

Illustration of Christmas trees

Holiday Decoration Guidelines

Natural Christmas trees and greens are prohibited from all residence hall areas. Artificial trees are permitted, although they must be labeled by the manufacturer as "Fire Retardant/Resistant." No trees should be greater than four feet in height. Aluminum or metal trees cannot have lights or electrical wiring attached to them.

All decoration materials must be flame resistant (i.e. foil and crepe paper). Door decorations should not exceed more than one-half the surface of the door on either side. Do not hang decorations from or cover smoke detectors, heat detectors, sprinklers, fire alarm horns, fire alarm pull stations, heaters, radiators or electrical outlets.

The use of angel hair is prohibited.

Candles and other flame carrying devices are not permitted.

Lighting should not be attached to or near flammable material. (Items should not be hung near smoke detectors, heat detectors, sprinklers, heaters, radiators, etc.)

No electrical equipment should be attached to the outside of any building or between rooms.

All electrical equipment must have the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label. Only UL labeled surge-suppressor outlet strips are permitted for multiple electrical connections.