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The primary responsibility for the safety and security of the residence hall rests with you. Residents are urged to carry their Fitchburg State University issued OneCard/keys with them at all times. Never prop entry doors open, let strangers into the residence hall and keep your room doors locked.


For safety and security purposes, all exterior doors on campus are locked 24 hours a day. Any entrance into any residence halls must be made through the building's main entrance. Your OneCard will provide you with access to the building where you live, but not into any other residence hall, so make sure that you carry your OneCard with you at all times.

Aubuchon Hall, Herlihy Hall, Mara Village 8, and Russell Towers have front desk services that provide additional security from 3:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m., by checking OneCards and registering guests into the building, as well as monitoring the front entrance of the building.

Operation I.D.

Operation I.D. is a program that engraves residents' valuable possessions to deter a theft. This program is sponsored by Campus Police, and the Office of Housing and Residential Services. Campus Police will engrave your items at your request, and provide you with the means to record the serial numbers of your valuable equipment.

Student Security Officers

Campus Police also sponsors a student volunteer escort program that is available on most weeknights to provide assistance for students wanting to travel across campus in the evening.