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Benefits of On-Campus Housing

Making the decision to live on campus is an important one for students. Living on campus has many academic and social benefits - but since it is not required, families and students should evaluate all the options that are open to them.

The first thing many people are concerned with is, "how much will it cost"? But there are many other factors that should be considered before price.

Living at home and commuting to campus may ease the transition for some, but it also comes with the obstacles of transportation access and cost, reduced access to the University's academic and social resources, and a delay of that first taste of independence. Many students also believe that living in an off-campus apartment is less expensive, but this is usually not the case.

Alternately, an on-campus living experience provides, among many other things, access to peers, the University's computer network, and an all-inclusive payment that covers convenient and nutritious meals, utilities, custodial and maintenance services, and perks such as cable television service. Students who choose to live on campus don't have to worry about leases, landlords, or personal safety.

Our student-oriented staff, educational and social programming, and readily available campus resources ensure that students who live on campus can do so in a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective environment.