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About Student Health Services

StethoscopeThis website has been designed to provide Fitchburg State students with quick and easy-to-find answers to their health care questions. If this is the first time you are responsible for your health care, we will assist you in understanding how to access the health care system.

Our clinic is located in Russell Towers, adjacent to the stairs leading to Holmes Dining Hall. We can be reached at 978.665.3643 or 978.665.3216 to schedule an appointment. Our fax is 978.665.3641.

COVID-19 UPDATE, March 20, 2020: 

In an abundance of caution to protect students visiting Health Services and the clinical staff, we are no longer offering students the opportunity to walk into the clinic without a previously scheduled appointment. This new procedure will allow the clinic staff the opportunity to pre- screen all visitors for respiratory symptoms before coming to the clinic. 

Please know that we make these changes with a great degree of consideration for each student’s individual health and the continued health of the clinic staff.  We are here to care for you in the safest manner possible. Please call 978.665.3643 for a consultation. Students who have been given permission to remain on campus may call that number to schedule an appointment between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.  Thank you for your understanding.  Our university web page has helpful information and links on the coronavirus. 

Mission Statement

The physical and emotional wellbeing of our students is essential for academic success. Our professional staff is committed to providing high-quality, confidential care in a culturally sensitive and student focused environment. We collaborate with the student's primary care providers and specialists to offer comprehensive care. We foster the health education needs of the University's diverse student population and encourage student's to take an active role in their healthcare. 


Fitchburg State Student Health Services is legally and ethically obligated to protect patients' right to privacy. Your medical records are strictly confidential. All Fitchburg State Health Services staff are required to sign a statement of adherence to our confidentiality policies. No one other than Fitchburg State Health Services staff has access to your medical records without your prior written permission. This restriction includes your parents, faculty and staff, and outside agencies. In life-threatening emergencies, only pertinent information will be released to appropriate parties.

If a student is younger than 18 years of age, any care that is sought or provided related to reproductive health is also a confidential matter and will not be disclosed to a parent unless Student Health Services has prior written permission from the student. In the event that a student reports abuse or there is suspected abuse, the providers at Health Services are mandated to report the abuse to the Massachusetts Department of Social Service.

If you wish to have your records released to yourself or another facility you must sign an Authorization for Release of Medical Records (PDF).