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General Rules for External Funding

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Applying for Funding is Easy!

  1. Contact the Grant Center as soon as you plan to apply to discuss feasibility and a schedule for proposal development. This contact should occur months (minimum five weeks) prior to the application deadline. Include a link to the funder’s website page and attach any application instruction files.
  2. Applying for external funding is a multistep process and an Intent to Apply for External Funding form (PDF) must be completed and signed before an application can be submitted. This is the first step in the internal approval process.
  3. Funding agencies require Institutional approval for proposal submissions in order to ensure university support for the project. This process requires a minimum of four (4) weeks lead-time prior to the due date and is coordinated through the Grant Center. Please follow the grant development timeline in the Intent To Apply for External Funding form (PDF).
  4. All proposals submitted via online portals (Fastlane/Grants.Gov) MUST be uploaded at least 3 days prior to the due date. This 3-day window allows our office to address technical problems that often occur. Most importantly, it ensures your proposal will meet the deadline.
  5. Once a proposal has been submitted to a funding source for review, the Grant Center will monitor its progress and conduct the necessary follow-up.
  6. Where allowed, all external funding applications should have a pre-approved Fitchburg State University indirect cost rate. This will be allocated according to the University's policy.
  7. Once funding is received, all requisitions, budget adjustments and contracts should be forwarded to us for sign-off. We will then forward these to Financial Services. The principal investigator(s)/project director(s) are responsible for meeting all award regulations and deadlines and must notify the Grant Center three weeks prior to due dates for any reports and correspondence to funding agencies. The Grant Center will work with the PI(s) to ensure compliance.