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Mileage while traveling on approved University business is reimbursed in accordance with the contractual agreement in effect at the time of travel.

Mileage Reimbursement/Supervision

The locations of where travel began and where travel ended, and all stops in between, must be documented on the Travel Expense Voucher. For travel between cities and towns, list the town or city name only, including the state name if the state differs. For stops within the same city or town, list the address of the stop(s).

The Following is the Policy of the Academic Affairs Department

For Day School Undergraduate In-State Supervision

No Travel Leave Requisition is necessary. However, a university expense account number and supervisor’s signature on the Travel Expense Voucher are needed before it is submitted to the Treasurer’s Office for reimbursement.

For GCE Undergraduate and Graduate In-State Supervision

The Travel Leave Requisition is necessary before the travel takes place. It must be signed by the Department Chair, the Traveler, and the appropriate Dean. Upon completion of the travel, the Travel Expense Voucher must also be signed by the Department Chair, the Traveler, and the appropriate Dean.

For Undergraduate Out-of-State Supervision

A Travel Leave Requisition is necessary, indicating the appropriate University expense account number and including a supervisor’s signature. The supervisor’s signature on the Travel Expense Voucher will also be needed.

For Out-of-State Graduate Supervision

A Travel Leave Requisition is necessary, indicating the appropriate university expense account number. Additionally, the Graduate Dean’s signature approval is necessary for graduate GCE program travel. The Travel Expense Voucher will need to be signed by the Dean.

Grant Travel

If you are traveling on a grant, please refer to the grant documentation regarding any stipulations about travel. Airfare costs should always be the lowest available rate. For specifics, please refer to the grant documentation.

Contact the Grant Office to determine how much advance notification your grant agency requires and what limitations the grant places on travel, if applicable. Regulations can differ among grants. The Grant Office can also tell you if your grant agency requires you to submit any special reports.

Non-travel expenses incurred on a trip (i.e. printing, mailing expense, etc.) may be reimbursed using the Travel Expense Voucher but must be authorized by the Grant sponsor and listed by the appropriate object codes.

Travel Advances