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Alternative Student Loans

The loans listed on Elm Select were in response to a request by the Financial Aid Office to the education lending community to provide information about their loan programs. The Financial Aid Office has listed the programs based on competitive interest rates, borrower benefits, and customer service history. You are not obligated to choose your loan only from those lenders listed. This tool allows students to compare the current terms and benefits of selected lenders' loan products and provides links to the necessary disclosure statements and applications. To view and apply for an Alternative Loan click Elm Select. Under school search enter Fitchburg State University and select either Undergraduate or Graduate for your program.

We strongly suggest that students and parents exhaust their loan options through FAFSA prior to taking private student loans. Federal student loans can be a better option for you with their fixed interest rates, future payment postponement possibilities, loan forgiveness options, and various repayment plans. Subsidized direct loans are not charged interest while you are enrolled in school.

Lender Code of Conduct (MS Word)